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They have over 100 million YouTube views in just 3 years! Listen to Hscc 3 by Hindley Street Country Club on Apple Music. We strive to always do the best we can, and to always have a great time doing it. 04:19. They even had a video clip where they played back the audio in the room before it was mixed for the final production. is that Con wanted to tour and perform live shows, while Darren did not. Live Nation has a global venue portfolio of over 300 live entertainment venues, including the Palais Theatre in Melbourne and Spark Arena in Auckland, which have unrivalled access to local and international artists. It will be incredible to have this ensemble of wonderful musicians all together on stage there for what is arguably the greatest SA live music variety show., See: The Hindley Street Country Club at Thebarton Theatre on July 20. Con is known throughout the music industry for his warmth, humour and generosity of spirit. Larry and Mike talk with Constantine Delo, co-founder of the internet-busting Australian musical group "Hindley Street Country Club.". The comments they receive on their YouTube channel are overwhelmingly positive and supportive. I enjoyed listening to each one. While it not a style of music I usually listen to, I thought HSCC's 11/09/2020 cover of Boston "More than a Feeling" was pretty good. Tweets & replies. (That's all I got. And then, finally, he managed to hit it as a solo artist. I'm definitely staying on my toes and falling flat on my face often. In the 80s, he had songs that I really got into. Established in late 2017, The HSCC is a collection of South Australia's finest musicians. BUD'S DRIVE-IN SERIES: THIS BUD'S FOR YOU! Were very grateful to our fans who have consistently supported us and shared our work far and wide.. Great job taking this one on, and no pretenses about who they are-they don't try to imitate Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.Well, we are to my favorite Mr. Seaweed! Hindley Street Country Club Hscc 3. Go and find more music on Boomplay. He has also since returned to live and perform in Adelaide, South Australia. Kat Jade has become a favorite of mine in recent months and she has her own YouTube channel if you like her style. The reality may be far more complicated. Located on North Terrace, the venue is an award-winning premier medium size venue. Live Nations experience will assist the venue in attracting the highest calibre of performers to music fans in South Australia. Where once it was elite musicianship and production, now its just a rag tag cover band. He also did a podcast with Graham Cornes (who is an outstanding interviewer by the way). It's back!) Toto's Top Tunes Time Tunnel - Vol. 15 days ago. When it comes to Youtube it could be also about portions of the monetization of the videos or who has control of the channel and to what degree if it is shared ownership. Thanks for coming so early in the post's run. . the Hindley Street Country Club songs for free. I am glad you featured them more because they are so good. From what I can tell, very little (if anything) has been written about it. I am very pleased that you see and hear their greatness as I do. In the good old days, a band would release an album and go on the road to promote its sales. Go directly to shout page. On a slightly different topic, the members of HSCC (other than Con) are not working full-time with HSCC. I love the work of both of them, as well as the fine musicians and vocalists that they have, and I like to keep across both of their pursuits. Set to become one of Adelaides premier live music hubs, the 1800-capacity venue will also include a separate street level nightclub and restaurant. Supplied. I select the songs were going to do and send them to the guys and girls to learn, then we get together for a recording session and Ill make some final changes to the arrangements, then we run through three or four times and we record. The best songs of Hindley Street Country Club are When I See You Smile, If I Aint Got You and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. Here's a great video of the band performing The Doobie Brothers' tune, "Long Train Runnin'.". Were a bit older, there are no rampant egos and were thoroughly professional. Dear Jake W, half the 528 bus got a nice view of a poorly-framed snapchat you sent to a lady this arvo. chart-topping single from Heart's 1987 album Bad Animals . Check out Hscc 2 by Hindley Street Country Club on Amazon Music. All times ACDT (GMT +10:30). Stream songs including "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Into the Night" and more. From reading that link, not surprised the South American tour got cancelled. HSCC brought the horn section for last weekend's show, and it really added another dimension. Until then take good care of yourself and Scootie and have a great week! This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snzI5cPOpYY, Another group of guys who I also like are known as MainSqueezeMusic:https://www.youtube.com/c/MainSqueezeMusic/videos. Lifestyle; SA Weekend; Hindley Street Country Club: The biggest act in Australia that nobody's heard of. 04:50 Writer: Christopher Cross. info@entertainmentbureau.com.au. 2019. ON THIS WEBSITE IS INTENDED FOR HISTORICAL, ENTERTAINMENT AND CREATIVE PURPOSES. Hindley Street Country Club. The venue is preparing to host several world-class acts, including UK electronic-pop duo Honne, the harmoniously interactive Pub Choir, and a slew of international and domestic talent yet to be announced. The song I enjoyed most in this set is their cover of Heart's "Alone". Kat (not Kit), a former contestant on The Voice Australia, occasionally sings lead for HSCC, is in the revolving lineup of the "HSCC Bad Girls" vocal trio that fronts the band, and also has her own YouTube channel. These guys are amazing. It nearly makes me forget the song is a Jacksons' cover, haha! They have separate jobs and other musical projects. Your order is processing, and it may take up to a few days for the service provider to handle your payment. I'm sure you knew which one I meant, but I forgot to mention the title of the Heart song, "Alone"! It was a way to share our performances, shot in a studio and now on location around Adelaide and South Australia. We welcome you into our studio sessions and into the HSCC Family . August 12, 2021. Unless otherwise indicated the author does not own or claim to own any of the images, videos or recordings posted on this site. Thanks again for dropping in, good buddy Alex, and have a terrific week! Bandstands in Foreign Lands is a pretty good venue to showcase talents that we don't see or hear everyday on radio or TV.The Hindley Street Country Club is one group that totally gets around and gets it! So then weve got four songs, which is a months content. I'm here! For those of you who have been following HSCC, you may be aware that the band was to tour South America in 2023. The percussionist at the last two shows that we saw was the same musician, but when we first saw HSCC, it was a different musician. Higher Love Hindley Street Country Club. After two by-demand shows at the now late lamented German Club at the end of last year, the Hindley Street Country Club is preparing to hit Thebarton Theatre. In 2010, he took on and conquered the role of Judas in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar performing to sold out crowds nightly. James won an APRA award for most performed jazz work 2003, and also won the 2004 Freedman Fellowship (Jazz). From humble beginnings in Adelaide just four years ago, the Hindley Street Country Club has become the global poster child for the new/old music industry, with the mind-blowing metrics of 230 million social media views of their 217-song catalogue of golden oldies, and a 600,000 subscriber base. The Hindley Street Country Club: Long Train Runnin'. Maybe thats true as Darren never wanted to tour which is what Con wanted. The current list of most downloaded tracks on iTunes is filled with the names of bands from the previous century, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Police.. Here he's with HSCC again, doing a rocking cover of "Rocky Mountain Way". 2,620 Followers. Other readers have also mentioned that one as a favorite. Let's Stay Together. He doesnt sing to the audience; he sings to YOU. The venue will be located at 149 Hindley Street, in the heart of Adelaides energetic nightlife and live entertainment scene. What I do know is that Con and Darren are both giving us great music. He became interested in music at an early age . Hindley Street Country Club is a band from Adelaide, South Australia. James Muller has also recorded five studio albums under his own name, the most recent Neurotica was released in February 2015. Ive crossed paths with Darren a few times as well as a number of the players. There's a lot of music that gets played and it's not my taste, but I've learned how to look past that and appreciate the musicianship (playing skills, alternative arrangements) and the final production mix. The Art Reynolds Singers: Just the Two of Us: Hindley Street Country Club: March 2020: Grover Washington Jr. with Bill Withers: Keep on Loving You: Hindley Street Country Club: February 3, 2021: REO Speedwagon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdPRJ0Kzzwk, https://juliusgrafton.com/book/blog/hindley-street-country-club-riftmusical-partnership-split-ends-in-supreme-court. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLR1B1rO790. 04:15 Writer: David Coverdale - Bernie Marsden. . Also, for those who do not know, Dennis Dunstan has been working as HSCC's manager since 2022. Ive got a lot of original material up my sleeve that Id like to release one day, but I never go into the studio thinking, oh god, not more covers. HSCC primarily covers hits in the classic rock, pop, dance-pop and disco-funk genres. Nice try, and, really, it's no fault of their own, but Nicks and Petty's complementary vocals are just seared into my musical memory. There are a lot of covers bands around the world, but most of them perform the songs verbatim, exactly as the original. We release a song every Friday at 7.30am Adelaide time, which is late Thursday afternoon in America. When I heard him on that HSCC clip, I thought that he'd probably be good at singing like Ian Gillan. Hindley Street Country Club. By continuing we assume you accept the use of cookies. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Hindley Street Country Club. HSCC draws on the range of exceptional talent in South Australia, both for the members of its musical ensemble and its guest vocalists.. Danny Lopresto, Sarah LLoyde, Andy Seymour, Kat Jade, Vince Conatrino a few listed below. The Hindley Street Country Club is a band in Adelaide, South Australia, started by bassist Constantine Delo. Members. We have met most of the band members several times some once or twice. Register, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. Handling lead vocals this time for HSCC is Sarah Lloyde. Says Delo: It wont end when Covid is just a memory because now weve hit critical mass. But nothing could be further from the truth. After working with the cream of Adelaides jazz and rock musicians James relocated to Sydney in the summer of 1996, where he quickly became one of the most in-demand guitarists in the country. Were getting 13 million new views a month, the majority of them international. Stefan's own site says "You may have also previously seen Stefan play with The Hindley Street Country Club (HSCC)", which to me indicates that his work with HSCC is historical only. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. They did a nice cover of I Keep Forgetting. Usually when there is a falling out in musical partnerships it is not about something petty but rather about money or creative control of the art such as copyright etc. Hindley Street Country Club. Both Con and Darren are massively talented people, and I am happy to see them both succeed at what they are doing. 03. Twelve years later, the full story has only just been revealed.LISTEN: THE CONWOMAN EXPLAINS WHY SHE DID IT, Join the conversation, you are commenting as. In 2005, he was chosen as the South Australian representative to audition as lead vocalist for INXS, beating out many hopefuls and finishing in the Australian top 20. In it, they mentioned that SBS is considering doing a doco on them. By far the best thing to come out of Hindley Street!!! Ain't No Stoppin' us Now. Jordy Lennon is a huge character on stage, but he is completely different in real life, being much quieter, and very humble. Hindley Street Country Club are one of Australia's hottest event party bands. Tickets at Ticketmaster, To join the conversation, please $1,200,442. The way Delo describes how HSCC works, its clear that hes as much an entrepreneur as a musician. In the investment world the big firms are getting into bidding wars for the song catalogues of artists in their 70s and 80s, like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen, and the best-selling form of physical music remains the vinyl LP, which is itself more than 70 years old. Hi, YaYa!Thanks for attending the show as The Hindley Street Country Club performs a medley of hit song covers using an array of lead singers. When everything get's DI'd into a DAW, then the studio can be anywhere :). Those elements have been included in this video as fair use for purposes of comment, news reporting, teaching, and education.LINKS:Australian Music Band Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPbEcJyVcETaWrubYOg4UTwFORGET ME NOTS (PATRICE RUSHEN) cover by HSCChttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJfKHHbDeE 'BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE' (TASTE OF HONEY) cover by HSCChttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI1iLTBnOB4 I am not inclined to take sides. HSCC is a terrific cover band and I enjoyed listening to this post very much. Hindley Street Country Club. Play. James Muller's second album All Out won anARIA award for best jazz album in 2000 and the third, Thrum was nominated for the same award in 2002. He can also be seen performing with the James Muller Quartet and as a guest with The New Cabal, Hindley Street Country Club and several others. I swear, for a second there during that latter song, I thought that Kit Jade (love that name) was going to morph into Janis Joplin right in front of my eyes. 02:59. 16 SONGS 1 HOUR AND 12 MINUTES JUL 14 2019. Nikki performs her music, with soul, mind, body, and with an impressive integration with all instruments and voices of the Band.All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them. James Muller was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1974 to musical parents. 02. Hscc 1. . Media. MATERIAL CONTAINED. Hscc 1. The company has strong ties to South Australia through Spin Off Festival which launched in 2012, and this year in November will debut the brand-new Harvest Rock Festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snzI5cPOpYY. Hi, Jessica Marie!Congratulations, dear friend - you're this week's Early Bird! COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. Wow HSCC were awesome! They can adapt their sound to accommodate any genre of music-love the sax and guitar solos featured in "Shake Your Body" and "Ain't No Sunshine"! I enjoyed each one but I think Alone is my favorite. We began recording in Darrens studio in late 2017, and posting the clips to Facebook and YouTube, says Constantine Delo, who created the band with Darren Mullan. I also enjoyed the Michael McDonald cover of "I Keep Forgettin". Several friends I've taken have had nothing but great things to say. As Australia's live music scene begins to dust off the ash and rise from the rubble in a post-pandemic comeback, HSCC have hit the ground running, amassing 120 million plus YouTube views in just shy of 3 years. Maybe they feel they cannot top Leonid & Friends, that Russian Chicago tribute band that I introduced on the blog a while back. Weve even had John Waites Facebook page share our version of Missing You (featuring Danny Lopresto from Clearway). He is currently known and performs as the guitarist of The Airbenders as well as teaching guitar at the Elder Conservatorium. I am a big fan of HSCC, and have been to three of the band's shows, the most recent of which was only last weekend. Join. From 40 million viewers in 2012, the televised awards dropped 53 percent from the previous year in 2021 to 8.8 million. Another favourite with some school performers and the amazing Vince Contarino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaHkp_n5mMw. Dave Ross - keyboards. For me the weakest was "Stop Dragging My Heart Around". Pina Del Re, Nikki Heuskes and Lesley Williams. By continuing past this page, you agree to our terms of use. I remember dancing to "Forget Me Nots" in clubs during my second stint as a bachelor. Instead an ugly court battle has laid bare an audacious and acrimonious split that emerged in May 2021 when co-founder and producer Darren Mullan suddenly disappeared from the weekly vid. Thanks again for coming by, dear friend Suzanne. 2. Listen and download music for free on Boomplay. . I n just a few short years, local band the Hindley Street Country Club has gone from an idea to becoming online sensations, with its videos racking up more than one million hits. Since he left, HSCC has gone down hill. starts 8pm HSCC Lads - Saturday May 8 Featuring Danny Lopresto, Andy Seymour, Jordan Lennon \u0026 Darren Mullan @producernerdLive at the Bridgeway Hotel18 Bridge Rd, Pooraka SA 5095Video Produced by @SmakOnContentShot by Peadar McBrideConnect with the HSCC https://linktr.ee/HSCCFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/hindleysccInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hscc_bandTwitter: https://twitter.com/hindleysccmusic#shotoniphone #hsccbts #hsccouttakes #hsccbloopers #producernerd #singitlive Purchase Options. I hope you feature this group again in the future.Have a happy Monday, dear friend! 1. What a talent!!! Everybody Wants to Rule the World. With 250 million YouTube views and rapidly approaching one million subscribers, Adelaide band Hindley Street Country Club should have been a very happy collective. Established in 2017 by Con Delo and Darren Mullan, HSCC is a collection of South Australia's finest One of the people who commented on that article even expressed negative sentiment about Darren. Both sides are nailing it. Decent trim, background looked a bit messy, and it was a bit close-up for my liking, but overall I give you a 6/10. He has played and recorded with Australian artists Vince Jones,James Morrison,Dale Barlow, Mike Nock, Renee Geyer, Bernie McGann, Don Burrows, Mark Isaacs,Sean Wayland, Katie Noonan, Rai Thistlethwayte, Steve Hunterand Scott Tinkler as well as international artistsChad Wackerman, Bill Stewart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson, Steve Tavaglione, Maria Schneider, Tim Ries, Tony Moncao, Christian McBride, John Scofield, Donny McCaslin, Bob Sheppard, Matt Pendman and Jochen Rueckert. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE PRODUCTION COMPANIES AND MUSIC LABELS THAT DISTRIBUTED AND PRODUCED THE MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE RESPECTIVELY. Widely regarded by their fans as the "greatest cover band in the world", the group has achieved a staggering quarter of a billion views on their official YouTube channel, which now has almost 600,000 subscribers. Just the Two of Us. Celebrity Speakers Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Australia. 09/04/2022. Inside the remarkable rise of a cover band - yes cover band - after one of . Youve got a line-up that includes five lead singers, three of them gorgeous and talented girls. For their first performance of my Biffle special, HSCC, (Down To The Ground)." Arranged by Constantine Delo. Raised in country South Australia, he listened to small-town radio stations playing their eclectic blend of songs and even as a boy, felt akin to those who bared their soul in song. namely their version of "Dragon Heart" :) by Stevie & Tom, is the performance several others picked as a favorite. Now available for Major Events, Weddings and Festivals. Ride Like the Wind Hindley Street Country Club. Fast forward to today, The HSCC has amassed over 370 million YouTube views with over 730,000 subscribers globally and . I cant quite put a finger on what is happening. So much now is just synthesized and it lacks something just like CGI in the movies. Despite having achieved global recognition in record time, and with more than $25,000 a month coming in from YouTube advertising (plus other smaller royalty streams, such as Spotify), Con Delo says hes never had to work harder in his life. Top Songs. I'm excited that you are responding so favorably to the covers performed by my special guests HSCC - The Hindley Street Country Club - a group of talented female vocalists and musicians from South Australia. Produced by HSCCMi. and many more. That would be so neat if they did that! Hi, Alex!Thanks for joining the Country Club, good buddy! The Bill Withers song is so well done by Kat on vocals, and the band. Now I'm going to listen to these covers all day. Dusty Stephensen - vocals, guitar. Purchase Options. Please wait while the order is being comfirmed. Hi, Birgit!Thanks for staying up late to visit and comment, dear friend! 2020. Given the inconsistency of what I have read and seen, I cannot see conclusive evidence that paints the well-told story of a good guy and a bad guy. Anyone know the backstory to Darren leaving the band to set up a rival Youtube channel called SingItLive? He says: I ended up working for the Hard Rock Caf in China, opening up their venues in Beijing and Shanghai and bringing Australian bands in. Former Record Producer & Audio Engineer at QEM Studios. He puts in some nice changes and and adds tasteful flourishes. DINO JAG. But Darren says the reality of becoming online sensations was never intended. Enjoy Hindley Street Country Club's latest songs and explore the Hindley Street Country Club's new music albums. ALL I WANNA DO ( SHERYL CROW ) performed by The Hindley Street Country Club featuring Lesley Williams. 10. Unless otherwise indicated the author does not own or claim to own any of the images, videos or recordings posted on this site. 2. I hope your week is off to a great start and hope to see you again soon! I could not imagine juggling such a demanding and highly visible pursuit with a full-time job and other things. If youre a muso, its what you live for. It is a shame that the collaboration between Con and Darren ended, but HSCC is doing massively well, and Singit Live seems to have its own momentum. Hi, Cathy!Thanks for breaking away from the A to Z to check out the fun at Shady's, dear friend!Wow - that's at least three virtual votes now for the Heart song "Alone." What you describe is not how it is during the live shows. Anyway, it's good to see you back and taking the latest Biffle trip with Shady Seaweed.People have left comments on the HSCC channel stating what you just did, that some, perhaps many of their covers are better than the originals. I also like the cover of "The Best of My Love"! The net worth of The Hindley Street Country Club's channel through 1 Mar 2023. I would not be surprised if Con has been asked about it by numerous people, but my view is that it is best not to go there. I doubt there was a formal agreement as to the details of any legal issues as they probably were expecting this degree of success when they started HSCC. In 2015 Sarah was involved and competed in the iPop New Faces talent search in Los Angeles, USA. I'm glad you appreciated the other performances by this fine cover band from the land down under - HSCC.You are quite welcome, dearie. Powered by, INSPIRED BY THE SHADY DELL, YORK, PA, AND DEDICATED TO ITS OWNERS JOHN & HELEN ETTLINE, AND TO MARGARET ELIZABETH BROWN SCHNEIDER, NICKNAMED "THE OLDEST LIVING DELL RAT", Join me for another exciting trip as we visit, In this special edition of BIFL, I am pleased to bring, "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" - Jacksons cover, "Stop Draggin.

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